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Today i have a pretty cool product to review it’s actually one of the most reviewed and popular earbuds on amazon. We’re gonna go ahead and review the tozo t10.

TOZO T10 has great sound quality, noise cancelling feature, and it’s waterproof which makes it perfect for athletes or those who like to exercise.

TOZO T10 is a set of wireless earbuds with a wireless charging case. The earbuds are IPX8 waterproof so they can be used in any weather condition. They also have noise cancelling technology and built in mic for hands-free calling.

let’s see how these tozo t10 earphones or earbuds do it are they worth your thirty dollars they do come in different colors.

it comes with different Colors Black Blue Gray White Khaki.

Here we have the tozo t10 ipx8 waterproof but the t10 is the actual model now they did come out with the t12 which you could see on amazon as well however the t12 actually goes for about 50.

i found it to be kind of half the price of the airpods so the t10 for thirty dollars i’m curious to see the quality of this product. you can see other product of tozo earbuds plz vist

Quick Review Of tozo t10

If you want to know all about quick we just created quick review so you can decide easily to buy tozo t10 or first off all we will share with you the pros and cons of tozo t10.

  • Affordable with great quality.
  • Great water resistance, IPX8 rating.
  • Strong and Great Bass.
  • We can Use charging case with a wireless charge.
  • Very Comfortable and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Battery life Max 5 to 6 Hours
  • Not So Accurate fit
  • No touch controls


  • 8mm large size speaker driver
  • Powerful bass( lowest 16Hz)
  • Bluetooth 5.3 technology
  • More Then 304,078 ratings on Amazon
  • support HSP HFP A2DP AVRCP
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds.
  • waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes
  • Playtime lasts for over 6 hours from single charge.
  • Total 30 hours with charging case.
  • Enjoy fast charging.
Brand TOZO
Ear PlacementIn Ear
Color Black Blue Gray White Khaki
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Model Name T10


You can have short product description here. It can be added as and enable/disable toggle option from which user can have control on it.

first impressions of the packaging it’s very apple wannabe or kind of a copy however there’s not much detail about the product here on the packaging aside from the fact that it comes from china.

so it’s a chinese-made product there are different colors that you could get it is a waterproof earbuds device there are different ear cups that they include they have as well as a charging cable now on the packaging the lack of any information on the product is visible there’s no info such as how much battery life there is on this product.

There’s none of that so it’s literally just uh the basic specifications as far as you know how much voltage it charges or takes and so forth so that is a little bit disappointing on all the other packages such as the sony wh-1000xm4s they had a little bit indication as to what the product is capable of so let’s get this unboxed here.

so as we get these opened up here and remove the shrink wrap which is a fun part for any unboxing i ever do we noticed that it comes with an 18 month warranty that’s pretty cool actually 18 months is pretty decent for headphones or ear earphones or earbuds does come with your wearing guide on how it needs to fit in your ear.

it looks like there are indicators on it for left and right as well does have how to pair it and then there is a tight seal button i guess so we’ll see if it actually has a better coverage i don’t think these are dynamic where they adjust any noise canceling or any of that in fact they’re not noise canceling so that’s something to know as well they want you to use the different types of cups to to get it in your ear.

so power obviously you hold it pause and play like everything else is one time two times is skip if you hold the volume uh you’ll go up clicking it three times on the right earlobe you can do a voice control one time to hang up or take a call and then uh you could hold a call by holding it.

This is kind of funny i don’t know if you see that don’t swim with these suckers even though they’re waterproof uh you you might not make it out there’s some warnings and so forth kind of common sense stuff in different languages so the manuals on earbuds are not too in-depth here’s how the packaging looks and they give you kind of a foamy cushion the earbuds themselves actually feel kind of great.

we’ll go into the earbuds as well so you get this little box and in this box you’re going to have all your goodies so a charging cable.

so it uses the regular usb mini something to hold your case it has a strap so i’ll put that away i’m not going to use the strap there’s something else.

let’s see ah this is your different size earbuds so this is what you get with this packaging for 30 dollars folks your charging box they did not come inside charge so right now as you could tell it’s full in terms of charging and it’s charging each headphone and they are magnetized so they do go in pretty neatly.

i will say uh it does look a lot bigger than say the airpods pro case and the regular airpods case is even smaller than this.

what you have here is basically a version that is not only double the thickness and maybe i’d say 30 longer so in the pocket let’s take a look if i could feel them it feels like i got a miniature wallet so they are heftier in terms of sound quality.

i’m really curious to see how it’s going to be over the last few seconds if you look here the charging indicator went to two lights instead of four when it first lit up so the case itself has lost it looks like two battery bars and they’re still charging so magnetized kind of holder it snaps in i like that they.

Tozo t10 Weight

Definitely copied the apple snapping it snaps even harder if you look the magnets are stronger on these than the apple airpods pro so it really closes in but in terms of the weight on these models the airpods are heavier so you got 75 grams or so on the tozo t10 and 56 grams okay.

so they’re not heavier wow i guess my right hand is stronger the the ultimate test here is really are they worth your 30 or should you just save and get the airpods pro or something of that matter so let’s go ahead and get these uh paired up with phone and launch my settings go into my bluetooth in the bluetooth i’m gonna try to find the toes of t10 and look at that.

Outside Noise

it already shows up so it actually connected pretty easily this is the left and this is the right when i put them in i don’t hear the outside noise alt all that sounds muffled so it doesn’t have that adaptive sound clearance that the airpods pro have the regular airpods sound a lot better.

when you’re talking these are more along the lines of the powerboats pro however i will tell you right now they will fall out of your ear the way they sit in your earlobe is they sit this way it looks like there’s a lot of weight coming down so once i put them in i can’t put them in like this that’s too low it’ll look like an earring.

but if you put them in like so that’s kind of how they sit in and you’re hoping that they stay in i think if you’re at your desk and if you’re using these it’s fine if you are moving around or definitely playing any type of sports or active sports or working out or doing whatever in terms of training these are not going to work they fall out and pull out way too easily.

i don’t think it has anything to do with the different size cups and i’m going to go ahead and put a new one in and it just snaps like so so these feel a little more comfortable this is the smallest size and you could compare the sizes here so it looks kind of like so these feel a little bit better in there.

But again if you’re working out i don’t think you’re gonna be able to maintain them now that we have them here you’re actually pairing each individual earbud it’s kind of interesting the way they did it so if i look at my phone you got the tozo t10 left and the toes of t10 right however you only need to be connected to one to hear the other.

Sound And Bass Quality

let’s go ahead and play some music guys i’m gonna see what i have on my list let’s play are you with me by lost frequencies okay all right here we go let’s see i got it here let’s hear the bass i’ll compare the bass they’re definitely loud the bass is pretty good.

you again decent quality bass here sound quality is really good on these i wouldn’t say it’s better or comparable to maybe the airpods pro however they’re they’re really nice and i do hear the mids and the bass you’re getting a decent amount of bass.

it just doesn’t sound clean so expect that from these headphones pairing was pretty easy the feel of it actually feels pretty good they don’t weigh that much these toes t10s they’re very good entry-level earbuds my dislikes about them using all the earbuds pretty much out there from the beats to the apple airpods even the sonys and the bose i would say that these are probably the most uncomfortable.

Try a phone call with Tozo t10

i have used in my earlobe so they just feel like they’re gonna fall out uh they’re sealing the ear pretty well where i’m sounding muffled however they’re they’re just if you notice this i was trying to adjust them so many times i just feel like they’re not in my ear that well or they’re not designed that well you know what we can try a phone call with them as well so let’s let’s get a call going to check visibility and let’s see if they sound pretty good and i’ll try them with both earbuds.

Then uh just one all right who’s gonna be the victim hey yuri how you doing i’m doing a review on the tozo t10 arab earbuds these are 30 on amazon with over 90 000 reviews uh some good some bad how do i sound you sound great you sound great yep.

i sound great okay good um so you sound a bit muffled because these don’t have that adaptive noise control but when i do remove one of the earbuds and use the other one in my ear i actually feel like the conversation could carry on and i don’t sound like i’m talking with my nose pinch do you still hear me fine with just one of the earbuds yeah.

i don’t hear any difference excellent excellent all right how’s work work is good taking care of customers okay all right well i appreciate it and i’ll continue the review thanks for picking up on me and uh you know your your celebrity status is climbing.

we’ll share the spotlight okay thanks siri talk soon bye bye .

so that call went pretty well when i removed one of the earbuds when you have both of them in there i just feel like the surrounding noise and my talking just sounds very muffled so you can make calls with these and he did say.

i was really clear however you have to remove one of the earbuds for the price i think that you’re getting a pretty good kit here if you have any questions if you have any comments please go ahead leave them below also if you use this product the t10 by tozo.

let us know what you think of it let us know how it fits in your ear i’ve read the battery life last pretty decent i was reading about five hours from all the amazon reviews out there the wireless charging is a great feature for thirty dollars it’s a toss-up i would probably personally spend my money on the airpods by apple not the pros.

because the pros are so expensive over these however if you want some bass and you’re below 50 budget this is a good option and i don’t think you’ll be too dissatisfied as long as you could keep them in your ear anyway.

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